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Dynamic SoftwareABM Dynamic Programs is a software development company located in Hurghada (Egypt). European developers specialized in PHP and C# languages are forming our team. Our goal is to provide a customized software solution for companies, corporations & hotels. We are able to transform every idea you have into a software. You will not have to worry any more about options that are included in software packages. We make software specially for our client needs. Collect human resources data, financial data, products data and generate all reports you need. Keep it organised and safe. Add users with different level of access. Be in charge of your company development. Get notifications by email when new data is added, changed or deleted. Specify every single point of your program and let ABM Dynamic Programs develop it for you.

How does it work?

You realise you could use a custom software solution and you wonder what steps should you take? Click the steps and be familiar with the sample procedure

Client give a short description of the software.

Describe what you would like the software for, what should it be able to do, who will use it. Tell us a little bit about your expections.

Company add ideas & solutions.

ABM Dynamic Program's team suggests the way to proceed with the program you need. We offer the features that our clients found useful.

Together we prepare the program requirements.

That is the time for specifying everything and deciding about work details. But do not worry we can always make changes if you need some.

Programmers code the software.

Most time-consuming part of software development. Following the requirements programers are making the software that you required.

Client enjoy his brand new software.

We run some necessary tests to see if program meet your expections. And than? You can finally keep control, be organized & grow your business.

Our featured clients

Cars Booking & Accounting Software

  • Store data about employed workers,
  • store data about cars, trips, destinations,
  • store data for every order,
  • generate custom reports by order number, car number, time range, driver name,
  • calculating costs & taxes,
  • printing invoices, job orders & vouchers.

Advertising Agency Management System

  • Store the order data,
  • allow to easily access any order - no more looking through tons of papers; it is enough to type the order number and all the informations are in front of your eyes,
  • generate accounting reports - showing the costs, income, profits from selected time range, from chosen product, client,
  • showing the clients who did and didn't pay yet,
  • allow customers control their orders - check the payment status, order status, invoice no.

Resources Monitoring - software

  • Saving data of resources consumption,
  • comparing data for different properties,
  • comparing data in different time range,
  • calculating consumption per guest/night,
  • calculating CO2 emission,
  • generating charts.

This is a commercial program - made for sale. Already there are hotels, banks and petroleum companies interested in buying a licence for using this program.

Red Sea Pages Web Application

  • Fully customized events system with filters, automatic updates, connection to directory lisitngs, sponsored events, event carousel,
  • fully customized directory system with sponsored and not sponsored listings, maps
  • and fully customized classified system.

Every software we made has a specialised user system that allow the owner of the company and the managers to control the data added to the system, edited and deleted. Every user who has access to the software can have different access level.

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phone +2 010 99 73 50 66 (English & Arabic)
phone +2 010 93 11 84 04 (Polish & English)
Touristic Center, villa no 9038

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